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    Happiness makes homes happy

    Hai online users,
    I'm very happy to introduce myself to you.This is javanya from Madurai.First and foremost I would like to tell that home is different from house.House just stands for a building(cement,brick etc) whereas homes have family members,satisfaction,happiness,etc.Home is not only maintained by women but also by the entire family members.In the midst of the busy schedule,we failed to communicate with each other .Many fathers don't know what his son/daughter are studying and the working mothers as well.Besides making money the parents should spend their valuable time with their priceless children.Many parents think that their first duty is to feed their children well and save as much as possible property for them.So how the happiness dwells in such homes,it's impossible it would remain as house not home.Attention and care must be paid to the children equally.Many children lose love and affection from their parents and the end will be very pathetic.So the
    peace,love,happiness,joy,care,contentment is in each and every one of the family members.I would like to cite one of my friend's attitude towards bringing up her child.She is very conscious in teaching her son who is 2years old.She is aware that he should miss anything in life.Now he is 3years old ,and he does'nt speak or do except what her mother says.She wants her son to be a genius.He may grow with full-fledged knowledge.But what about his social relationship with people around him.

    Once again I thank this site for expressing my thoughts in your blog.
    with regards
    Mrs Javanya jai
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    really true

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    Yes,its a fact, now - a - days, time demands it so, but one can overcome this by being a concerned and sincere parent to look after the children in the best possible way so that he or she does not get involved into any mental trauma or any depression due to the over burdened parents.

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