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As the saying goes, “A House is Built of Walls and Beams. A Home is Built of Love and Dreams”. This is the funda of The Happy Homes, where we strive hard to bring your dreams into reality to bring your world close together with our interior designing and decorating ideas, so that you can spend your time with your loved ones in a comfort and luxury environment, without really burning your wallet on endless expenditures. Going to purchase a new home or want to renovate the old one or do you want to give your room a fantastic makeover? Our designing experts are here to help you out to find the best way to accentuate the beauty of your home interiors with home decorating tips, which helps you to carry out the whole process on your own, so that you can avoid incurring heavy expenses by seeking professionals for your interior designing. If you are looking for the latest trends in interior designing, then you are on the right page. Here you will find a number of articles on latest interior decoraton ideas, romantic bedroom ideas, how to decorate your kids room, how to create a stunning kitchen interiors and lot more. We also provide you with relaxing bath designing ideas, office interior designing ideas, how to decorate your living room, you can get all in one place at The Happy Homes. And the list does not end here. If you have a creative streak in you, you can become an interior designing expert and explore our articles on career in interiors to get more information. Also here you can get vaastu shastra tips and ideas for your home and office with the help our of our vaastu shastra experts, and get abundant joy filled in your life with our feng shui tips and information. In short, is your one stop solution, where you will not find any shortage for home decor ideas and we are sure you will name us when asked for largest collection of interior designing and decorating ideas.

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What is the right process to perform Lakshmi Pooja on Diwali?

Looking for Diwali pooja process at home? Here we are with step by step information on Diwali puja at home. Here you will find the list of Important Items needed for Lakshmi Puja, Lakshmi Puja Process, mantras related to Lakshmi Puja and so on.

Diwali Home Decoration to give your interior a new look

Want to give your home interior a new look on this Diwali. Read here to know about Diwali decoration ideas for every room of your home such as Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen and so on to surprise your guests this Diwali.

Tips to decorate home with low budget

Home is a place where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed,it is a place where we can enjoy the closeness of the family members,and become stress free. Some of the tips through which we can maintain the comfort ability of decorating home in low budget.

Importance of colours in interiors

Colors make interiors look lively. Every color has its own importance whether it is of furniture, walls, flooring, etc. Colors around us should make us feel happy and positive. So it is very important to select appropriate colors in our interiors. In this article I will explain the use of different colors in interior designs.

Top challenges in the Real Estate Sector in Kerala – 2020

Real estate industry has faced a lot of ups and downs during the pandemic. Most of the people are enthusiastic about the real estate industry in kerala. Please spend some time with us to know more about the top challenges in the real estate sector in Kerala.

Guidelines for buying a stylish and best quality bean bag

In this article, information about different kinds and types of beanbags are given with their unique qualities, latest styles that helps to decide on how to choose a beanbag. The guidelines on how to buy a bean bag that is suitable for all kinds of rooms with best quality and high degree comfort are shared in this article.

How to buy best sofa?

How to know that the sofa that you are planning to buy is of best quality at a reasonable price. Here are some points that are to be noted before buying a sofa. It is one of the dream that the sofa that is being bought to your home makes you feel proud and satisfied that you bought the best sofa ever.

Home lighting Fixtures for Indoor and Outdoors

This is an informative article on various home lighting fixtures. Depending on their functionality purpose and aesthetic appeal, these lighting fixtures provide a visual appeal and ambient atmosphere in your home. Go through the following write-up to know about the basics of the home lights and their purpose.

How to furnish dining room

Home furnishing is very important for everyone. Furnishing the dining room is essential to look attractive for guests and relatives. It is a great task. Some of the tips are given for how to furnish dining room in this article.

Top 10 Tips to Make your Home More Eco-Friendly

Today, we are facing many serious environmental challenges such as global warming, climate change, pollution etc. Despite you want to go green to improve the environment or to save money, every step you take to make an eco-friendly living will help the world.The article discusses the top 10 tips to make your home eco-friendly

Legal Documents to Check while Buying Apartment from a builder

While planning to buy an apartment from a builder, as a prospective homebuyer, you must check a list of items including authenticating all legal documents, pertaining to the property, before buying an apartment. This article discusses the legal documents to check while buying an apartment from a builder

8 things to consider while hiring an Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer is an amazingly personal experience. People wouldn't dream of starting their designing and decorating without professional designer help. To help you decide, here are some things to consider to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Kitchen Flooring – Everything You Need to Know

This guide comprises of pros and cons of different kitchen flooring materials ranging from hardwood to porcelain tile to cork flooring, which help you take the right option to revamp your kitchen interior.

Top 5 Advantages Of Customized Modular Kitchen Over Traditional Kitchen

A modular kitchen is a dream come true for every home. The main advantage of a customized modular kitchen is that we can decide the storage space as per our requirements. If you're planning to gift your home with a modular kitchen read this article to know more about its advantages,

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