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Bathroom is the first place from where we start our morning but often given low priority when it comes to Home design. It does not matter how much time you spend in bathroom or whether you have big or small size bathroom it should not be neglected. While doing interiors for Bathroom careful planning is required otherwise you can face some big problems of water leakage, slippery floor and poor ventilation. Bathroom Decoration can be done in numerous ways. Happy Homes has all the required information which you need for doing Bathroom interiors. Bathroom

The Happy Homes provides you simple and easy tips for bathroom interiors and architecture, bathroom interior lighting and electrical, bathroom countertops and cabinets, bathroom color, paint & wall coverings. You can also learn about plumbing and how a bathroom works. There are number of articles on bathroom styles, critiques, design & decoration ideas that can be used to get an ideal bathroom.

We have a large database for all types of bathroom i.e. small space bathroom, large bathroom, bathroom organization, accessories for bathroom, and lot more. If you are an interior designer or an expert, you can also share your ideas and tips with us for which you just need to spend a minute for Free Registration. Please note that we only accept self written quality articles.

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Tips to decorate home with low budget

Home is a place where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed,it is a place where we can enjoy the closeness of the family members,and become stress free. Some of the tips through which we can maintain the comfort ability of decorating home in low budget.

How to plan kids friendly bathroom

Going to plan kid's friendly bathroom? Here we are with some suggestion and guidelines which should be consider in designing kids bathroom. Read on How to plan kid's friendly bathroom to know all what you need to design a perfect bathroom for your little ones.

How to create ventilation in internal bathrooms

To create ventilation without a window in any room is difficult especially when it comes to bathroom as it is the busiest place of the home and remains wet most of the times so proper ventilation is must for a bathroom. Read on to know about How to create ventilation without a window in bathroom to get clean and hygienic bathroom anytime.

Bathroom planning and remodeling guidelines

Today's bathrooms are become one of the important space of any house so when planning a new bathroom or remodeling an existing one, it is wise to sit and plan well to get suitable bathroom which can fulfill the requirements of everyone in the home and more user friendly as it should be.

How to make Small Bathroom Look and Feel Larger

Looking for Small space bathroom solutions? Read the following article for Small space bathroom designs & ideas to get a comfortable,beautiful and stylish bathroom without expanding it as our interior experts will provide you some simple and easy tips for small bathroom design & decoration and more.

Bathroom flooring types & designs

Do you also planning to change your bathroom flooring or redecorate your bathroom ? Here are some tips or ideas which you can use to select the right type of flooring for your bathroom. You can also read about the types of bathroom flooring available in the market and which one is suitable for your bathroom.

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