Tips to decorate home with low budget

Home is a place where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed,it is a place where we can enjoy the closeness of the family members,and become stress free. Some of the tips through which we can maintain the comfort ability of decorating home in low budget.



Home is a place where everyone feels comfortable and relaxed, it is a place where we can enjoy the closeness of the family members, and become stress free. To maintain the comfort of home we required changing the places according to the mood of the family members, because changes and maintenance is required to feel same comfort ability at home. These changes are not required in olden days,but nowadays these changes plays a vital role in the personality and living style of the people.

Today importance of home decoration is completely in vogue, similarly as day by day changes in each and every field of technologies and fashions are developed. Every human being wants to have perfect lifestyle in low budgets. If anybody thinks about the home decor the first and foremost point will arise with the budgets, due to economy of the country many of them unable to plan the perfect home decoration.

Some of the tips are


Kitchen is the main space area where hygienic environment should be maintained, it is important to take care of two things, firstly how many appliances you have and secondly how many cabinets do you have. If there are some old home appliances apply the color of stainless steel to make it more attractive, similarly the same techniques we can apply for the other rooms at home. You can also apply some of the fox paintings to the kitchen cabinets.

Living Room

Whatever budget you have in decorating home the main vital role is played by living room. In that also the main role is of placing the furniture in adequate direction,once the placement of big furniture are fixed then we can adjust the small furniture with them. Keeping the furniture in proper direction can give you soothing effects inside the room. Also keep in mind while placing the furniture avoid blocking the door. Lighting effects also play a vital role in giving a new look to the room, place a good lighting lamps to give a pleasant atmosphere in the room. If you really want to give some different looks to your living room add some adventures style like apply some colorful beds should be kept without any cloth on it, give walls a rough look, instead of table apply mat on the surface and place some vase on it.

Dining Room

We can give a glamorous look to dining room by applying murals and fox painting on the wall. Apart from this apply fox painting on the wood and pillars of the room and change the placement of furniture to give a smooth effect.


It is a place where we feel relaxed and comfortable,to keep same point in a mind avoid dark colors in the bedroom and choose your colors according to a mood and give a soothing look. Apply fall ceiling looks and give the effect of simple Asian room or Victoria look. Change the old dressing table in a fresh and new look; keep the jewels and clips in a different style, for that cut the tree branches and paint it with your own choice and fix it in a stand position and keep it on the table and on that keep all bracelets, clips etc. which gives a dressing table in new look.


To decorate bathroom area focus on more lights,ventilation should be there,and if you want to give new look to bathroom change the tiles and apply effects of different colors on different wall so that without breaking the walls it give space area little bit bigger.

Entry way

Focus on more lighting effects in entry way,because it is a place where people entered at your home way. Give creative looks to your lantern and lamps so that it creates Victoria look to your entrance. Place some beautiful small plants near entrance to make it more attractive.


Thus home decorating brings comfort ability in lifestyle of the people, it's an art which reflects the mood of the people who lives inside it,and it can be planned in low budgets also to give a house a perfect look.

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Guest Author: 02 Aug 2013

Home is the place which must be serene and we must forget all our stress and hard work when we come back to home and start relaxing. So every details in the home matters and that will pep up our mood and imagination. The author has really given a detailed account of decoration that can make a good home with a affordable low budget. Actually many people are not taking care of maintaining their homes due to increase in rates of every commodity and they are not have other money to spare for home maintenance. And this article shall suffice the need to undertake decoration with low budget.

Guest Author: Amazing_Mahi02 Sep 2016

Home is the exact place where we can have all the desired comforts and stress can be kept at bay. We need to impart a freshing look of the different rooms including the dining hall. The same things hold good for the kitchen where with the passage of times, the fridge, gas - oven , heaters wore unattractive looks. The appliances don't need any changes as a result of their looks. We have to apply a few coats of painting to offer them a new looks. Similarly if a fresh wall painting with sober colour is taken up, the look would appear grand. Living - rooms would appear magnificent if there is enough space between the dressing table, beds and Almirahs. The colour bed sheets must match with that of wall to offer the aesthetic look of the rooms. In the dining hall, the dining table can be polished to offer it a new look.
You may even take the help of experts for your home decoration in order to have the glamorous look of the different areas. Application of innovative ways would enhance the gorgeous look of the entire surroundings.
The authoress has dealt with the subjects in a very charming way but the readers may apply their own skills to give a new look of their residence.

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