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Want a dream house with the perfect interior designing, home decor, right home accessories and modular room designs for a perfect lifestyle enhancement? The Happy Homes, your own interior designing guide, now simplifies the jargons and dilutes the complexities. Our home designing expert tips are the perfect integrations of the latest interior designing trends with the timeless and the beautiful – the classic! Trendy and stylish interior design and luxury home décor Be it romantic bedroom designing, kids room décor that ignites their creative flairs, modular kitchen designs to speed up a neat homemaking, or stylish office décors that gets your clients awe struck – we have it all. In this complete online home making and interior designing guide, you are free to ask, share, debate and discover. Explore the world of cooking anew with fresh and latest recipes from our cookbooks. Discover bathroom interior designs that make you feel on cloud nine. Find out the science behind the Vastu Shastra, and understand the Feng Shui tips and symbols. Learn gardening, pet care, family care, and of course, self care. Want to pursue a career in interior designing? Draw inspiration from the biographies of the world famous interior designers. Check out if you have the right aptitude to go for interior designing career from our Career in Interior Designing: FAQ section. Find out the various colleges and courses in interior designing, select your path, and march forward! Write to us in our interior designing discussion forum for any possible help we can offer. Browse more of our home making and interior designing articles, and we hope to answer all that you can ask about interior designing and home decoration.

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Feng Shui tips, symbols and remedies

Feng Shui symbols and remedies Facing problems in your daily life? Try Feng Shui symbols & remedies offered by our experts to get rid of your problems. Learn more about Feng Shui tips for home and office Feng Shui to bring happiness in your marriage, relationships, career growth, financial prosperity, good health and all to make your life better and filled with the blessings of the positive energies.

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Kids room designs, lightings and decor

KidsKids room decoration is the most toughest job among all the home décor activities but not anymore. Learn from our experts about how to get perfect interior decoration for your kid's room along with suitable lighting arrangement for kids' room to make it more functional and kids friendly. Browse the best Kids room accessories and furniture ideas for your little ones.

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Moduler kitchen designs, lightings and decor

Trendy and stylish modular kitchen designs Neat, stylish and modular kitchen designs say it all about you, the homemaker. Learn more about how to optimize the short space in kitchen with the ideal kitchen furniture or what should be the best lighting options for kitchen to make it look brighter. Find out the need of your kitchen's interior decoration. Browse the best kitchen accessories and appliances.

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Curtain Ideas for Living Rooms

Looking for Living room curtain designs and ideas? Read on to know the latest Living room curtain designs which can add a style statement as well as add texture and color to the room.

What is the right process to perform Lakshmi Pooja on Diwali?

Looking for Diwali pooja process at home? Here we are with step by step information on Diwali puja at home. Here you will find the list of Important Items needed for Lakshmi Puja, Lakshmi Puja Process, mantras related to Lakshmi Puja and so on.

Diwali Home Decoration to give your interior a new look

Want to give your home interior a new look on this Diwali. Read here to know about Diwali decoration ideas for every room of your home such as Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen and so on to surprise your guests this Diwali.

Home Remedies to remove carpet stain

Carpet cleaning is very difficult, expensive and hectic job but not any more read the following article to know some easy Home Remedies for Carpet Cleaning and carpet stain removal which surely makes this job easy and within your budget.

Feng Shui tips for good married life, relationships

Looking for Feng Shui tips for better love relationships and married life? Learn some simple Feng Shui tips and ideas to improve your relationship with your partner or spouse and bring back the much needed fizz and passion to your love life.