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Happy Homes is a complete guide for your home improvement and home renovation solutions. Learn how to make cleaning easier with our experts home cleaning tips and tricks.

home-improvement-tipsFollow the step by step guidelines, checklists and ideas which helps you to give an instant room makeovers and feel the pleasure by doing it all yourself without spending huge amount by seeking help from home expert professionals. Here our online home improvement guide will surely help you to minimize your budget on home remodeling. You will be surprised to watch your electricity bills and water bills shrink by following our experts advise on how to choose energy efficient home appliances which in turn not only saves energy but also provides value for your money.

Our tips and tricks on house cleaning will help you to buy natural wall coverings and floorings and helps you to choose right type of paints and painting tips and techniques. In short, Happy Homes offers you guidance and tips on cleaning which in turn makes your house energy efficient, comfortable and healthy. So lets start to create a natural, healthier and comfortable home environment and all the while saving your money with the help of Happy Homes!

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Best Prefabricated Rooftop Room Manufacturers In India

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Home Remedies to remove carpet stain

Carpet cleaning is very difficult, expensive and hectic job but not any more read the following article to know some easy Home Remedies for Carpet Cleaning and carpet stain removal which surely makes this job easy and within your budget.

Importance of colours in interiors

Colors make interiors look lively. Every color has its own importance whether it is of furniture, walls, flooring, etc. Colors around us should make us feel happy and positive. So it is very important to select appropriate colors in our interiors. In this article I will explain the use of different colors in interior designs.

How to furnish dining room

Home furnishing is very important for everyone. Furnishing the dining room is essential to look attractive for guests and relatives. It is a great task. Some of the tips are given for how to furnish dining room in this article.

Top 10 Tips to Make your Home More Eco-Friendly

Today, we are facing many serious environmental challenges such as global warming, climate change, pollution etc. Despite you want to go green to improve the environment or to save money, every step you take to make an eco-friendly living will help the world.The article discusses the top 10 tips to make your home eco-friendly

8 things to consider while hiring an Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer is an amazingly personal experience. People wouldn't dream of starting their designing and decorating without professional designer help. To help you decide, here are some things to consider to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Top 5 Interior Furnishing companies in Kerala

Interior designing one of the essential term for a home, and also the competitive field of architecture. This article tells about the top interior furnishing companies in Kerala, the services and the history of the top 5 interior designing companies in Kerala.

How to throw Colorful Holi Party at home

Looking for some great ideas to throw a Colorful Holi Party? Here we are with some suggestions which help you to organize a perfect holi party at home without any mess to ensure your guests and you have a great time.

How to clean crystal chandeliers

Light fixtures and chandeliers make the home décor complete so they should be clean and clear like other interior elements of the house. So here we are with some tips and easy methods which can help you to clean light fixtures and chandeliers in an easy manner.

Ganesh Chaturthi home decorating ideas

Ganesh Chaturthi is very auspicious occasion before the Diwali festival and everybody wants to decorate their home in different style to welcome Ganesha. Here we bring some unique ideas which can help you to decorate your home just before you bring the Ganesha at home.

Home decoration tips for indoor holi party

Want to throw Holi party indoor? Here we are with some Ideas to decorate home for indoor holi party which help you throw a perfect Holi party which you and your friends will remember till next Holi party for sure.

How to select Furniture pieces for small dining space

Looking for Seating and dining solutions for small spaces? Here we are with some innovative furniture and space solutions ideas which help you to get plenty of space to sit and have your dinner without having any space problem.

Home Protection Tips For Monsoon

Looking for How to take care of Home interior, exterior and surroundings during monsoon? Here we are with some tips and solutions which help to enjoy this monsoon without the worries of your home. You can read about the solutions for roof leakage problems, tips to protect wooden flooring from moisture, Monsoon safety measures for the exterior of your house and lots more.

Home decor tips for monsoon

Looking for Home decor tips for the monsoon? Here we are with some easy and useful tips for every your home to welcome the monsoon with style.

Wooden Flooring- Types of wood floors

Looking for types of wooden flooring? Here we will share the many types, sizes, colors, application methods, and the variety of wood floors available in the market now days along with the much other important information on wooden floors and their types.

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Looking for Wreaths to complete your Christmas decorations? Here we are with some beautiful wreath designs and Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas which you can make to bring a new life in your decorations.

How to organize a New Year party at home

Looking for tips to organize New Year's Eve Party at home? Read on to get some interesting ideas on how to arrange a New Year party at home along with the suggestions on New Year party menu, Ideas for New Years Eve Party Favors, cleaning up after a New Years Eve Party and so on.

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