Home Protection Tips For Monsoon

Looking for How to take care of Home interior, exterior and surroundings during monsoon? Here we are with some tips and solutions which help to enjoy this monsoon without the worries of your home. You can read about the solutions for roof leakage problems, tips to protect wooden flooring from moisture, Monsoon safety measures for the exterior of your house and lots more.

We are sure that everyone like monsoon season by sitting at their window still or balcony, sipping on a cup of steaming hot tea with their favorite snacks. But rainy season can bring some problems too especially for your home such as roof leakage, water stagnation around home, moisture in building etc. so it is better to prepare your home before the monsoon arrives and to take safety measures from electrical appliances and wiring.

Tips for Preparing Home for the Monsoon

1. Leakage and cracks in ceiling and walls: It is very much important to check roof and walls of your home or apartment to see if there is any leakage or not. If you find than it is very much important to fix it before the rain starts.
How to fix roof and wall leakages: To fix it first clean the roof than apply waterproof coating to fill up the cracks similarly for the cracks of walls. It is very much important to clean rain gutters weekly during the rainy season to ensure that they are free of debris for smooth flow of rain water from the roof. Replace loose or missing tiles to prevent roof leaks. You can also take the service of professional or civil engineer to tackle this problem. It is very much important to repair foundation walls leakages to avoid any loss of the contents of the house.

2. Electrical fittings of home: Electrical fitting and switches need regular and time to time maintenance but during rainy season it become more important to check electrical switches and wiring if they are exposed to rains. Cover the switches and replace the damaged electrical cords immediately to avoid electric shock. If you have place any of the electrical appliances such as inverter, A.C. machines and stabilizers etc. than it is better to cover them with plastic cover or any other thing to avoid electric shock. It is better to consult the professional or a trained electrician for these kinds of repair and installation.

3. How to protect wooden furniture and flooring during monsoon: Wooden furniture or flooring need some extra care during monsoon because of high moisture in the air. All wooden articles should be properly polished or waxed so that the moisture in air will not leave any impact on them. If you have a problem of Swelling of wooden door which is very common during monsoon than in such case door can be removed and fixed again. To protect clothes and other valuable things from moisture put camphor balls in your cupboards or closet, you can also put Neem tree leaves which protect clothes and furniture from silver fish, a common problem during rainy season. You can sprinkle a few cloves among clothes to get rid from the common insects during monsoon.

4. How to take care of carpets during monsoon: Carpets and rugs are the important interior element of every home décor so it is very much necessary to take good care of them and during monsoon it is good to roll them up, put them in plastic sheets and store them someplace dry otherwise damp rainy weather will ruin them. You can use plastic or bamboo mats instead of your heavy carpets in monsoon season.

5. Try to install some new ventilators in home to avoid dampness and the fresh air comes to the house before the rain hits to your home. It will protect your home and family members from many health problems which occurred during this season. Sometimes rain water enters in the home through windows or doors in spite of shutting them tightly in this case fix a rubber lining between the sliding of the window and door to seal any gaps.

6. Do not allow water stagnation (collection of water) around your home as this can lead to many diseases and can create chaos. So fill all the pits and gaps around your home and in garden to get rid of this problem.

7. Clean rain gutters on regular basis to protect foundations, basements and roof from water damage before the beginning of rainy season.

8. Get pest control before the rainy season starts and clear all the water flowing areas to keep all the equipments dry and covered.

9. Try not to use the tap water directly as it can be contaminated because of rainy water.

10. Last but not the least does not take a chance to renovate your home during rainy season. Make all the pending works such as painting waterproofing etc. before or after the monsoon.


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