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Happy Homes is a complete guide for your home improvement and home renovation solutions. Learn how to make cleaning easier with our experts home cleaning tips and tricks.

home-improvement-tipsFollow the step by step guidelines, checklists and ideas which helps you to give an instant room makeovers and feel the pleasure by doing it all yourself without spending huge amount by seeking help from home expert professionals. Here our online home improvement guide will surely help you to minimize your budget on home remodeling. You will be surprised to watch your electricity bills and water bills shrink by following our experts advise on how to choose energy efficient home appliances which in turn not only saves energy but also provides value for your money.

Our tips and tricks on house cleaning will help you to buy natural wall coverings and floorings and helps you to choose right type of paints and painting tips and techniques. In short, Happy Homes offers you guidance and tips on cleaning which in turn makes your house energy efficient, comfortable and healthy. So lets start to create a natural, healthier and comfortable home environment and all the while saving your money with the help of Happy Homes!

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How to Make Gel Candles at home

Looking for methods to make gel candles at home for your Diwali decoration? You can make colorful gel candles at home very easily. Read the below mentioned articles to know about the easy steps to make gel candles at home.

How to make Rangoli colors at home

Want to make Rangoli colors at home; here we are with some tips and ideas to make Rangoli colors at home which are very easy and free from chemicals so that kids at home can also make Rangoli by using these homemade Rangoli colors without any skin related problems.

Home remedies to get rid of Bed Bugs naturally

Looking for home remedies to get rid of bed bugs? Here we are with some Home remedies to get rid of Bed Bugs naturally and How to Kill Bed Bugs with Stuff at Home. We are sure that the below mentioned natural remedies to get rid of Bed Bugs will help you if you apply them wisely and at regular intervals of time.

Homemade decorations for Diwali

Looking for some homemade decorations for Diwali? Here we are with some easy ideas to make homemade decorations for Diwali like How to make Bandhanwar, floating Rangoli, candles, earthen lamps and other festive decorations to complete your Diwali decorations.

Tips to get rid from cockroaches in kitchen

Looking for some homemade solution to get rid from cockroaches in kitchen especially from your kitchen cabinets? Here we are with some tips and natural remedies to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets with the help of some easily available natural ingredient.

Diwali home decoration tips and ideas to give your home a festival look

Looking for home decoration ideas for Diwali? Read the article below on Diwali decoration ideas to give your home a festive look. You can read about Home decoration ideas for Diwali, homemade craft for Diwali decoration, and homemade sweets for Diwali that would help you in your Diwali decorations and welcome your guests.

How to make potpourri and air fresheners at home

Looking for homemade potpourri and air fresheners? Why not made one for yourself and to gift your loved one? Get in here to get complete information on How to make potpourri and air fresheners at home, natural ingredients to make potpourri at home, method to make potpourri at home and lots more.

Home Remedies to remove carpet stain

Carpet cleaning is very difficult, expensive and hectic job but not any more read the following article to know some easy Home Remedies for Carpet Cleaning and carpet stain removal which surely makes this job easy and within your budget.

How to use and decorate balcony in a useful manner?

Balcony a very useful but most neglected part of the home can be turn into a really useful space with just a little effort where you can sit with your friends and family and the beauty of surroundings so if you are looking for new ideas to utilize the space of your balcony then have a look on this article.

How to keep bugs and insects away from kitchen

Looking for solutions to maintain cleanliness and keep insects away from the kitchen? Here we are with some handy tips to maintain cleanliness in kitchen as wells to keep bugs at bay. Please read the following article to get more information on to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen and lots more.

Safety Measures tips or solutions for kitchen

Looking for Safety Measures tips for kitchen? We suggest a few precautions to minimize the chances of mishaps in kitchen which you can take both in designing your kitchen as well as in using it.

Decorating and Designing Your House in the Best Manner

Home..Sweet Home. The place where we live our life. So its our duty to keep in clean and look beautiful. The most of our life span is spent in our home. So we should build our house in most Decorative way. So read this article to know on how to design and decorate your house in best manner.

How to choose the best entrance door mats for your home

Got a new home and it's time to buy some door mats? There are few things to consider while buying a doormat. Keep reading this article to know how to choose the best entrance door mats that will both look gorgeous and cordially welcome your guests!

Valentine day Party Decoration, menu, games and Favors

Valentine day is approaching and all of your friends and loved ones are keenly awaited the party at your home. So to full fill their expectations we are here with some interesting Valentine day Party Decoration ideas and tips to make your Valentine's Day Party more enjoyable and memorable. Read the article mentioned below to get some awesome ideas for valentine parties.

How to use space under the stairs

Space under the stair is usually consider as the dead space but with little creativity and imagination you can use this space in very useful manner. Here are some suggestions and ideas which you can implement to get maximum utilization of this space. Please read the article given below to know How to use optimum space under the stairs.

How to clean kitchen floor, sinks, countertops, appliances & chimney

Kitchen is the busiest area of every home and it is also the favorite place of cockroaches to live and breed. Everyone want the clean and hygiene kitchen free from all kind of stains and small insects such as cockroaches, ants etc. If you also want to make your kitchen clean we have some tips and remedies which surly help you to get a clean and hygiene kitchen.

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