How to choose the best entrance door mats for your home

Got a new home and it's time to buy some door mats? There are few things to consider while buying a doormat. Keep reading this article to know how to choose the best entrance door mats that will both look gorgeous and cordially welcome your guests!

How to buy good door mats for your new home is perhaps one of the commonest queries that haunt your mind. Door mats are very useful to keep the house clean and let's see how you can use them and also see that you don't compromise on aesthetics to add up to the best interiors you have. Keep on reading this door mat buying guide article to check out what are the things to consider while buying a door mat, what should be the right size for a door mat, or the right shape, and so on.

The proper size of door mats matter

When we place a door mat at the entrance of the house we need to take care that it is large and wide enough so that the person who pass over it will definitely make use of it, to rub off the dirt from the shoes. If we keep small mats at an entrance the person who crosses the mat may not touch because of its small size and move inside with dirt to the shoes. So here the size of the door mat is very important while choosing for the main entrance.

What is the best shape of a doormat?

The perfect shape of door mat is an important thing to consider. You will find different shapes of doormats in the market like square, rectangle, round and even oval. For the main entrance it is always recommended to use the rectangle as the shape cover the full space at the door. Whereas other shapes will not cover the whole space and may not be of that much help.

What is the best doormat material to choose?

There are different types of door mat with various materials like rubber, plastic, jute, cotton, recycled etc. to wipe off dirt or sand before entering the house. You can select Jute, Rubber or the steel mesh type doormats at the entrance. Rubber or wire mesh material doormats are best if it's completely outside. This will scrape the mud from the shoes very easily especially when in Rainy season, if you have lot of guests frequently in and out and also if the house is faced to the main road. Nevertheless, in case your house is in bit interior you can prefer jute doormat.

Various colors and designs of door mats

We should select the design which can match the décor of the house and color should be dark contrast shade. This shade will cover lot of dust and still look alright. Suppose if you select lighter shade, with little mud in no time the doormat looks dirty. If you want to manage the mat for long it's better to use dark shades or sometime if you wish a little contrast shades will do.

When it comes to select a design you can choose bold and simple one's with no elaborate designs as when the people entering the house will just have a glance of it so even if you choose an intricate design people won't be able to see that close, so you better select contrast colors with bold simple designs.

Cost or prices of door mats matter too!

The cost varies according to the design and material. You can find both expensive and cheaper doormats in the shop. It is preferable to buy according to your budget. The jute doormats are cheap and best, low price doesn't mean that they will be of cheap quality. They are the best kind of doormats we can always look for as they last longer. Many people prefer the Jute doormats, you can also.

Finally, it is always advisable for you to purchase doormats that are beautiful to look at. Now that you got to know how to select a best door mat by reading the above article, why wait just grab the best doormat of your choice from the market.

Happy purchase!


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