Importance of colours in interiors

Colors make interiors look lively. Every color has its own importance whether it is of furniture, walls, flooring, etc. Colors around us should make us feel happy and positive. So it is very important to select appropriate colors in our interiors. In this article I will explain the use of different colors in interior designs.


There are seven colors in the spectrum of sunlight out of which red, green and blue are considered to be the primary colors. We can make useful range of colors by combining these three primary colors. We see different objects having different colors. This is due to the reflection of light interacting in our eyes with the spectral sensitivities of the light receptors. Physical specifications and categories of color are also associated with objects based on their physical properties such as light reflection, refraction and absorption. We shall discus the importance of these colors and understand their applications in our interiors.


Usually black color is considered as unlucky but only this color has the ability to save us from evil eye. In the same way if we apply this color in the right manner then it can give a wonderful look to our interiors. Always apply black color on natural and light background. This color is appropriate for highlighting decorative items like photo frames, table corners etc.


White color gives our home a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. It gives energy to the environment and makes it pure and peaceful. We can apply this color on ceiling's, walls, furniture's and flooring's. If you don't want to use white color everywhere in your home and you also don't want to make it colorful then you can use white color with natural colors like brown, black, grey etc.


Brown color is also called as the color of earth. That's why it makes our home natural and relaxed. We can apply this color with any other color but it is best suitable for things like furniture's, flooring's or sofa's. This color makes us feel happy when we think about chocolates, cake or coffee.


Yellow color gives our home a feeling of happiness. If you don't want to use this color or any other shade of this color on walls and ceilings then you can use this color on painting's, flowers or decorative things.


Red color is the sign of danger but it is also a color of romance and love. This color increases our will power and blood pressure but if we use it with some warm colors like grey, silver and white then it will make us feel good. Many people love to use this color in kitchen because it increases our interest of doing things.


Pink color gives our home a fresh and cool environment. This color is very sweet and especially related to women. So, we can use this color on items related to ladies and kids. Some dark shades of pink can also be applied in the rooms of newly married couples.


Blue color gives a feeling of cleanliness and coolness to our home. This color is best suitable for places where we work and meditate. This color decreases heartbeat and blood pressure. This color is used to show a feeling of space in our home but with only light shades of it. This color is best suitable for rooms which are exposed to direct sunlight.


This color creates a peaceful environment at home. Many of the advantages of this color are like blue color. This color gives rest to our eyes. The best way to use this color is to use its different shades with other colors.


Purple color makes our home look wonderful and gives it a feeling of royalty. If we use it with blue shade then it gives us a feeling of peace and suspense. If we use it with red then it gives a feeling of attraction. This color is a sign of power and honor.

Let us now summarize and see which color is best suitable for which room.

  • Room of oldies: Cream, coffee, brown, off-white and grey.

  • Bedroom (couples): Pink (dark), maroon, red, orange and purple.

  • Drawing room: Navy blue, green, blue, grey (dark), white, silver, copper and golden.

  • Dining room: Blue (dark), rich red, rich red with yellow, lemon green and grayish blue.

  • Kid's room: Red, yellow, orange, sky blue, dark blue, baby pink, black and white
  • .
  • Bathroom: Blue (sky), cream, light brown and white.

  • Kitchen: Red (some parts), orange, yellow and furniture dark like black, brown, dark grey and red.


Guest Author: 31 Aug 2014

This is a very colorful article in which almost every possible type of color and its choice for interiors has been described.
Color has a very appealing effect to the eye if used in the right balance and in coordination with other colors.
Various effects can also be created by contrasting use of color on different walls.Dark colors make a room look compact and small whereas lighter colors create an image of space in a room.

Personal choice also matters as certain people like formal style, some antique, ethnic, modern art, wood style, glass effect and mixed ,contemporary and so many more.
Creativity and right balance of colors is required to achieve the desired vision of our dream home and care should be taken not to overdo any particular color.

Guest Author: Lalit Rule08 Nov 2014

This is very good topic initiated as a article by the author and surely all the persons who have interest in good interiors and best colouring will evince keen interest in reading this. I had been to one of my relatives home and found that the bedroom was painted with pink and the upper portion is filled with green colour and spots of twinkling stars in radium. So when the lights are switched off , there is a feeling that we are being transported to other world or space. That was nicely designed and I really appreciated my relative for the colour combination and thought.

Guest Author: Mohd sheesh15 Dec 2014

This is a useful article indeed. I had read something similar to this quite a few years back, based on which we decided to paint my house.

Yellow, apart from being a cheerful and warm colour, supposedly also promotes studies. So I painted three walls of my room with an apple-yellow and one wall with a deep cherry red. My living room is light blue with one sunset orange coloured wall, and my parent's bedroom is a light teal blue on three walls and dark sea green on the other wall.

Now because of this, my room, in yellow, is always bright, even when there is minimal sunlight. I have radium stickers all over the place so when the lights are switched off, it looks like the night sky. My parents room is very relaxing because blue is said to promote calmness and increase sleep. My living room looks bright because of the accent of orange, especially in the sunlight.

it is best to paint the ceilings white, because only then will the light from the tubelight get distributed evenly. Otherwise the room will look very dark. Choosing light colours for walls and choosing dark coloured furniture, especially wood furniture, will give a nice and cozy look to the home.

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