How to buy best quality and attractive couch for a living room?

This article provides the guidelines for buying a best quality couch and what is the style that is suited for a living room of different sizes. From the old trend to latest styles couches are described to know the choices of selecting a couch.

About Couch or Sofas

The unavoidable furniture every home needs is a couch. Depending upon the budget the size, color, type, design are crafted. Living room needs at least two couch or one single long couch for a decent look. The attire and mood of the room is changed when a suitable sofa or couch is chosen. The look of the couch is changing as the time period of the person and economical status decides the design and cost of the furniture. Couches and sofas justifies the status of the person. Furniture and look of the living room gives some pleasant feeling when a person sits or spend his valuable time in that room. Couch is the word used in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland whereas sofa is used in UK. The word couche meaning is 'to lie down' derived from the old French noun. The leather and cloth sofas are purchased and made to add the décor of the living room. These two materials has their unique pros and cons. Most of the people choose furniture for seating purpose, more careful things are there before purchasing a couch that decides many functional elements.

Types of couch

  • Loveseat is used in smaller living rooms and this gives a compact look and enlarges the sixe of the living room. Loveseat looks cute with two seats separated with two sections for more comfort ability.

  • Convertible sofa make a person to use it as a bed. This sofa is little bigger in length and width. The cushion or foam in this sofa is more soft and smooth that feels a person more comfortable to get peaceful sleep. This convertible sofa mostly suitable for bigger rooms.

  • Divan needs a support of the wall with cushion filled pillows because divan has no back support. These pillows are provided to support the back on the surface of the wall. These divan are more popular in living rooms that needs more than two couches. The space occupied by this divan is very less compared to couch and maintenance too.

  • Lawson couch has high back support with rolled cushions. Lower arms rest and large amount of padding temps the person to rest on it. Lawson couch was designed for middle class family and its is the familiar sofa used in most of the houses. Usually, Lawson sofas are made in leather and quality of the leather decides the price of Lawson couches.

  • Sectional couch is a huge sofa that provides many people to sit sophisticatedly. It has multiple sections with the facility of attaching to other furniture or cover around the walls. These couches are used in very large rooms especially in office reception and meetings. The rich look is the added advantage of sectional couch. The quality and price of sectional couch are comparatively high but it is worth of buying it.

  • Settee couch and love seat looks very similar with slight differences. The frames of couch are made with wood. Settee sofas looks more decorative that love seat. The open arms and upholstered seat makes this sofa more special. It has the other name called chesterfield. Chesterfield has its own style of adding the rich flavor in the living room with contrasting color of leather and deep buttoned in the center. The arms and back support are of the same height. It is made up of leather in upholstered style.

  • Traditional sofa is the mostly chosen couch that makes three persons to sit comfortably. As the name suggest, traditional sofa uses wood to give elegant and rich look.

  • Materials chosen for couches

    Couch needs frame that is made up of either wood, plastic, steel and boards. The wood should be of best quality and free from defects, bark and knots. The covering of sofa is made out of linen, fabric and soft leather. Leather and cloth are used to cover the top of the couches. Both the materials are excellent in their own styles and advantages as well as disadvantages. Leather and cloth sofa are used in contemporary couches. The latest fashion material used for stylish sofas is leather. Those who chose sharp edged styles use leather material and curves and round shaped sofas use cloth materials.

    Leather pros and cons

    The pros of leather are it is so strong and it is durable. Cleaning is so easy and if you care the most, then follow the manufacture instructions. Leather has a unique power of increasing the softness and quality as the days moves on. It is free from fray, pill and slow process of fade in the sun. Leather is not like plastic it can be sent to recycle process and the best man made cloth fiber is leather. The cons of leather are cats like leather sofas for testing the sharpness of its nails that is, scratches on leather sofas. The advantages of leather couch increase the price of the couch and the quality of leather helps to sale the couch for higher price. The nature of leather is always slippery and it is hard to protect the leather sofas from strains. Even though the stains can be removes the mark stays there and it looks hard. It is difficult to match the color of the leather to cover the holes on the couch. Leather observes the temperature of the room and stays cool when the room is cool. When the room is hot the leather also reflects the hotness.

    Pros and cons of cloth couches

    There are many more choices and styles of cloth sofas are available with lesser prices when it is compared to leather sofas. These type of sofas are suitable for minimum budget category. What ever the styles that are available for leather sofas are also available in cloth sofas with different patterns, styles, textures and more colors. Steam cleaning gives wonderful touch and the color is retained for a long time. Make sure that the fabric is not damaged. If the fabric is damaged, then extra cloth is available in the market with same texture and color, replace it on the affected area. Linen fabric is used to feel cool during summer and warn in winter. The advantages of leather are the disadvantages of cloth couches. Very long time exposure to the sun damages the color of the couch either directly or indirectly. Some stains will be there even though it is stain resistant. Cloth couches may rip, pill and tear due to pressure and this causes fraying. Repairs to cloth couches are very costly especially if there is a damage in front arms and front piping on the cushions.


    It is always best to invest your hard earned money in a couch that fetch you long time guarantee because the cheap quality couches pulls more money for repair some times it may be better to replace another couch instead of repairing the old one. Nothing wrong in thinking before buying the couch. The money invested in the couch is not a meager amount, the couch shows the status, increase the look and space of the living room, feels the other person to admire your hospitality.

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