How to choose the right type of colours for your kitchen

To choose a perfect color for your kitchen may seem quite difficult sometimes but after reading this article you will be definitely able to select the right type of colors you need for your kitchen, so keep reading..

Things which you need to keep in your mind before you start planning:
* You need right combination of colors
* Not to use trend-setting colors if you are going to resell the house
* Creating a right mood with the colors in the kitchen.
* Choose colors which highlights or cover-up the cabinetry while selecting the combination.

How Color wheel helps to Choose the right colors for kitchen

To paint a kitchen room is a very time consuming compared to other rooms in your house as the kitchen will have lot of other things like the cabinets with tiny areas. You should take considerable time to decide the right type of color before finalizing.

Let's see which colors can refresh your kitchen again into a new one. First you need to decide whether you want cool or warm color tones, for this you can take the help of a color wheel.

If we have to understand what is a color wheel then we should know about the primary, secondary and tertiary colors. The primary colors are red, blue and yellow and if you want to create the secondary colors you can mix any two primary colors for example

Red + yellow= orange
Yellow + blue = green
Blue + Red = purple

And if you want tertiary colors you have to mix primary and secondary colors like red-orange, blue-green, red-purple and blue-purple. If you see the color wheel you can find certain good combinations of colors placed on opposite side of the wheel, which you can mix match and use.

Good combinations for Kitchen wall & cabinets

You can match the wood, warm color cabinets with cool blue and green combination and also grass green will look too good with a white dove color to the walls. Light Wheat color looks classy with the brown cabinets a great combination to choose. Kitchen cabinets of white, brown and black can work with any wall color. If you want to highlight the cabinets then use deeper color for the walls to the lighter shade cabinets and when the cabinets are in darker shade use lighter shades for the wall, it's so simple!

But if you want your kitchen to look larger than it is, then use family colors or matching colors for both cabinets, wall and rest furnishings in the kitchen. Ceiling can be always any color except white. Red color to the wall will be more appropriate for the urban based modern furnishings.

How can a Kitchen wall color influence your appetite

The colors you select for the kitchen will definitely going to influence appetite once you enter the kitchen and also influence the interest in cooking. So it should be well planned when you choose color for the kitchen as it also reflects your personality and the time which you spend there.
Orange color helps to increase appetite and if you have anybody at home who eat very less then I suggest going for an orange color for the kitchen wall. You can go for a tint of an orange too if you want to go for a lighter shade this will also be a good match for brown cabinets.

You can think of painting blue to the kitchen wall if you are drawn more often to the kitchen and trying to control your appetite as the blue color helps to relax and can lessen your appetite. Yellow will refresh your mood and red can motivate your energy levels. Red and Yellow combination is ideal during morning breakfast for people who want to start their day with great energy and fresh mood.

You can also paint a bright color to any one wall to create newness or experiment a wall treatment with stripes, decorative patterns and accents to the kitchen.

By now you must have got a good idea on how to choose the right color to your kitchen, so why wait, paint your kitchen with right color and call for a party at home!


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