Vastu tips and guidelines for Office construction and Interior designing

Looking for Vastu tips and guidelines for Office Interior designing? Here we are with Vastu Shastra guidelines and tips which help to improve the inflow of finances and for overall success of offices and business.

Vastu principles are very useful for all buildings construction and designing whether it is a home, temple, school or even an office. As we all know that Office is mainly built to generate financial growth of business and Vastu guidelines for offices interior designing can be very useful to get economic growth and financial success of the organization.

According to Vastu consultants principles of Vastu to be followed from the construction stage itself but there are many office Vastu remedies that you can implement in your office interior design after the construction also.

Vastu guidelines for Office construction

1. The site or plot you choose to construct office should be free from any Vastu defect and it should not be built near temple, grave yard or hospital.

2. Plan the layout of office according to Vastu norms. It is good to select the rectangular or square shape plot for office construction.

3. Construct the heavy structures in the South/West direction of the plot as these are negative zones. Try to leave the More open space in the East or north direction.

4. The slope of floor should be towards East, North or Northeast.

5. Height of the building should be equal in all sides.

6. If you want to construct or place Water bodies (like fountain, aquarium etc.) than it should be built in northeast or eastern zone. It is good to have Water pump in the North or East direction but never opt for overhead tank in these directions. It should be built in southwest direction of the plot.

7. Built the Staircase in southern or western part of the office.

8. Leave the center of office free from structures especially from staircase or lifts.

9. Toilets can be built in the west or northwest.

Vastu tips and guidelines for Office Interior decoration

1. There should be no obstacle near or in front of the doors of the office so that the positive energies can enter in the office without a problem.

2. The treasury or safe of the office should be facing the northern side of the office.

3. Do not place heavy racks or almiras facing the north direction as it is consider as bad omen according to Vastu principles.

4. Office reception should be located in the Northeastern part of the office and receptionist should sit facing the North or East.

5. It is very much important that the Boss table should face towards the entrance door and hang a picture of mountain on the wall behind his back. It is good to use rectangular table.

6. Cabins or desks of the senior levels such as Executives, managers and directors should be located in the West, South or Southwest areas of the office.

7. Eastern and northern zones of the office should be reserved for the middle level management and employees.

8. For Field staff Northwest direction of the office is best.

9. Accounts department should be located in the Southeastern portion of the office whereas marketing department should be in the Northwest direction.

10. Pantry and lunch rooms should be located in the Southeast and Northwest direction.

11. For Conference rooms' Northwest direction is the best location according to office Vastu tips.

12. It is good to place the aquarium having 9 goldfish and 1 blackfish in the Northeast direction of the office.

13. If you have any uncovered beam than cover it with false ceiling to avoid seating any employees under the beams.

14. Place the side tables and telephones in the Southwest corner.

15. Place the images of Gods and deities towards the right of mirrors as it is good for the financial growth of the office.

16. Try to avoid the dark colors walls or the paintings portraying sadness in office.

17. The doors and windows of the office should be in the east or north direction.

18. If the office has a temple, it should be placed in the Northeast portion of the office design.

Follow the above mentioned Vastu tips and guidelines for Office construction and Interior designing and get the benefits of positive energies which will help your business to grow.


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