How to grow your own kitchen garden

Kitchen garden is the best thing which you can have to cut your kitchen expanses. So if you are planning to have kitchen garden and confused how to grow your own kitchen garden, here we are with some guidelines and suggestion which help you to get a wonderful and easy growing kitchen garden.

In today scenario when everything is going to be adulterated fruits and vegetables are also touched by this adulteration. So the best way to get some healthy fruits and vegetables kitchen gardens are the best idea to grow.

Kitchen garden does mean that you can grow a garden in your kitchen only; it is a garden where you can grow food items that you can use in your kitchen either be located outdoors or indoors. If you have enough space in your kitchen then you can place some plants to add beauty and utility in your kitchen but for small kitchens it is recommended to have kitchen garden any of the suitable places you have.

Tips for Outdoor Kitchen Garden

For outdoor kitchen gardens choose the place which get enough sunlight and has good drainage system. Backyard of your house will be the ideal place to plant your outdoor kitchen garden or you can have it in your front yard as vegetable garden also looks beautiful and attractive. Kitchen garden at home saves your money which you spend to buy vegetables and herbs from the market as the prices of are rising day by day. Before you start growing your crop into the ground plot out where everything will go, allowing ample room for growth. Having kitchen garden on terrace can be fun and looks beautiful.

Tips for Indoor Kitchen Garden

Indoor kitchen gardens are the best option if you have small space as you can create an indoor kitchen garden even in the windowsill of your kitchen. Though you do not get as much as you get from outdoor gardens but they'll certainly help you to get something fresh and better taste because you grew them yourself. To get sufficient amount of light use supplemental light fixtures like fluorescent bulbs especially if your windows are facing south or west. Use containers and hanging baskets for your indoor kitchen gardens. Choose the container according to the crop you want grow for example crops like salad greens or radish can be sown and grown in containers whereas crops such as tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and other climbing types of need more depth so plant them in deeper pots or containers.

Suitable plants for kitchen garden

You can grow many vegetables and fruits in your garden some of them are mentioned below choose according to your requirement and type of kitchen garden you have.

Tomatoes can be grown in indoor or outdoor kitchen gardens, they need at least four hours of sunlight a day. You can grow tomatoes either from tomato or buy seedlings from the nursery.

Brinjal or eggplant can also be grown in kitchen garden. It is easy to grow and look very beautiful when bears fruit. Brinjal needs a warm climate and cannot bear very low temperature. A sandy and loamy soil is good for brinjal plants.

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable and can be grown in kitchen garden. You can grow Spinach in outdoor kitchen garden. To grow spinach use trays, any tray that is 6 inch deep can be used for growing spinach. Spinach can be grown from seeds.

Capsicum or bell peppers can also be grown in kitchen garden. You can grow capsicum in containers or can be direct sown in the bed or grown from seedlings transplanted out approximately 30cm apart.

Zucchini (Summer Squash) can be grown in Containers. It can grow very well in our normal garden red soil. Zucchini plants grow very fast so it is a good vegetable plant to grow.

Lady finger or Okra is also a good plant to grow in your kitchen garden. You can grow Lady finger in containers.

Coriander or Dhaniya is the best herb to grow in your kitchen garden. You can grow coriander from whole or split coriander. You can use tray or container to grow coriander.

Mint or Pudinacan be grown from stem cuttings. It is easy to grow and grow very fast, you can take any container to grow mint but propagation trays will be the best choice.

Grapes are the easiest fruit to grow in outdoor kitchen garden. It is a creeper and can be frown through cuttings of you preferred variety of grapes, from the local nursery. A sandy loam is probably the best for producing healthy grape vine.

You can grow some more vegetables and herb in your kitchen garden like thyme, oregano, lemon grass, reddish, carrot and so on depending the type of kitchen garden you have and the weather conditions of your area.


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