Guidelines for buying a stylish and best quality bean bag

In this article, information about different kinds and types of beanbags are given with their unique qualities, latest styles that helps to decide on how to choose a beanbag. The guidelines on how to buy a bean bag that is suitable for all kinds of rooms with best quality and high degree comfort are shared in this article.

About Bean Bags

The latest and stylish furniture that is added in every living room of the well furnished house is bean bag. The bean bag has more added points compared to costly furniture. If this bean bag is there in any room it gives a friendly look to the members who enter into the room. Beanbags are portable and easy to carry to any place of the house by a child itself. Bean bag chair occupies less space and gives more comfort. It creates a cool surrounding in any place where the beanbags are present. The most popular beanbags brands are dolphin, Godrej, lazy bag.

How to buy

Ask the following questions to the seller before buying a bean bag.
  • Check whether the bean bag is water proof.

  • Washing is needed for a bean bag. Make sure the bean bag that you are going to buy is washable with best quality zipper to prevent rust.

  • The quality and type of filling used in the beanbag should be known. How much amount of filling are stuffed inside the beanbag and without taking out the filling the bean bag can be washed are the essential questions should be asked.

  • Beanbags looks good and well stitched when it is shown but stitches lose their strength after very short time. The type and kind of stitching must be informed by the seller.

  • Information about the warranty, what is the amount charged for refilling the beanbag filler, type of interior liner are the other things that are asked by the aware customer before buying a beanbag.

  • Types, size and color

    The different types of bean bags available in the market are highline shaped, saddle club, lounger, cotton beanbags, leather beanbag, two setter beanbag, kids beanbags, teardrop, body fitter, and vinyl beanbags. The size of the beanbags are decided on the basis of a person who uses this beanbags. For children, small, very small, medium are suitable to enjoy the comfort in full. For Adults, large and extra large sizes are preferred. The wise idea is choose a beanbag that is of medium or large size for long time use. If the beanbag is small, and it is good because of its size, a new beanbag is necessary. Now, sofa size beanbags are also available. First look of beanbags are color of the beanbag. Everyone have their own likes and dislikes especially in colors. The color of the walls plays important aspect in choosing a beanbag color. The chosen color observes and gives more rich and simple look to the room. Colors that are suitable for vibrant walls are brown and tan. Splashing colors like green, pink and aqua blue are good for dull wall colors. Color that blends with all color of the walls are yellow, lighter red and orange.

    Kinds of filling

    The two kind of fills are foam fills and standard or beads fills. Both kinds have their own unique qualities. Satisfying comfort is provided by the standard filling with firm feelings for the person who sits on the bag. The standard filling is used as a traditional filling for bean bags which is made from recycle or virgin polystyrene beads. The disadvantage of beads filling is it needs to be refilled frequently. Foam filling is diverged from traditional filling in some categories. Shredded foam is used for foam filling to experience a softer nature. Foam fill has a capacity to withstand overweight person. The adorable nature of foam filling bean bags is one of the unique quality and it does not require any refilling. That's why these kind of foam filling bags are sold in high quantity. It creates a feel that the person is sitting on the bag filled with firm cotton. Over weight person feels more comfortable by sitting on this bean bag. As the comfortable rate increases so do the price raised.


    The most popular and most durable fabrics are leather , cotton, vinyl and denim. Precautions to be taken according to the types of fabrics used on the surface of the beanbags. Washable beanbags need extra care for durable life. Some kind of fabrics needs a sunlight but most of the fabrics does not require any sunlight to make the fabric dry. The color changing may happen if the fabric is dried under the sun. The most common fabrics used for bean bags are leather and cotton.

    Fashionable and long lasting types

    People are ready to buy stylish and durable beanbags even though it is of very high cost. All the types of beanbags are not selling in the market. Only certain types of beanbags are in high demand. The types of beanbags that is more demandable are teardrop beanbags, lounger and body fitter beanbags. The sitting positions of these beanbags are more comfortable and they adopt in most of the different styles of sitting styles. It gives immense rest to all parts of the body that gives more relaxation feeling. Lounger beanbags are attached to walls and it gives more space for two people. Beanbag beads provides more comfort with very firm seats whereas foam beanbags hugs your body in all sides with soft seat. It depends on individual person to choose what is best. The back support of teardrop beanbags are the special quality that increases the sales of this type of beanbags. Body fitter and tear drop beanbags are equally same in demand as well as comfort. Lounger and teardrop types of beanbags has long lasting life with same comfort and fulfilling effect for years.

    What kind of bean bags needed for children and adults

    Tough and stain proof bean bags are good for children. Beanbags that are chosen for children has the capacity to bear any stain especially, junk food stains. Usually, children are very naughty and they always think of doing all types of pranks. To bear all these things the quality of the beanbags should to rough and thick leather with sufficient amount of filling should be bought to prevent buying the bean bag with in a short time. For adults, stylish and comfortable beanbags are most suitable. Beanbags that adopts the thought of the living room or other rooms are more often bought to use it in many locations. High quality leather beanbags, faux leather, suede beanbags are sold and they are in high demand among adults choices. The weight of an adult varies person to person, beanbags must handle even heavy weight to low weight persons. Removable inner cloth should be provided for easy washing. The hard earned money that is invested in furniture or beanbags must be returned in the form of long life with more comfortbility. The efficient buying make this possible.


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