Vastu guidelines for Basement

Looking for Vastu recommendation for constructing Basement? Read on to know about how and where one should have basement under their home and some Vastu guidelines for the design of Basements.

While constructing the basement in house one should take care some below mentioned Vastu guidelines so that you can get full utilize of the basement as well as collect more and more positive energy for your home. Read the below mentioned Vastu guidelines for constructing or designing Basement.

- Location of Basement: According to Vastu basement should not be built under the entire house. Basement should be constructed in the North direction or the East direction of your house so that you can get some sunlight from the East in the mornings and constantly from the North in basement. Try not to construct basement under living area of your house. The floor of the basement should slope downward towards the northeast.

- Shape of Basement: It is good to have rectangular or square shape basement which allows the positive rays to spread all over the room. Do not construct basement in odd shape as it obstructs the flow of positive energy which can lead to losses or health problems.

- Height of the basement should be at least 9 feet so that an average height or tall person can stand comfortably or if it is going to be used as car parking than the exhaust fumes from the cars can tend to stagnate within the space as there is less roof height.

- Color of the basement: Basement should be painted in light colors preferably white as it reflects light the most which give a larger feel to the basement. Do not paint the basement blue.

- It is advisable not to use basement for living purposes, use basement as a parking, storage of unnecessary things, as a party area or any other fun activity which do not include long hour stay in basement. As it is constructed under the building or house therefore should be avoided for residential purposes.

- You can use basement for storing water, as per Vastu it is the best use of basement. Place water tank in North East or North West directions of your basement. You can also use East and North portions to store water. Never put water tank in South or West side of your basement then as it can cause adverse effect on you and your family members.

- Put heavy and big equipment (things made of iron or heavy metals ) like big water heaters, generators in south, south west, south East or west portions of your basement. However make sure the items kept in the Northwest direction of the basement should be lighter than the items kept on the South East direction.

- Do not forget to clean the basement on regular basis, keep it clutter free so that the positive rays can enter into it. Also make sure that your basement has enough windows for ventilation.

- The basement's ill effects will be improved if one-fourth of the basement is above ground.

It is very important to keep the above guidelines in mind before constructing the basement or if you already have a basement than it is good to make some changes in it to reduce its ill effects if not constructed according to Vastu like construct enough windows and ventilation so that more positive energy can enter in basement or if you have placed any heavy equipment in wrong direction than place them as said above.


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