Vastu recommendation for home

Have you built a new house by taking all safety measures to avoid bad vibes and still waiting for happiness to knock your doors? It may be possible that negative energies still exist in your home as it is not designed as per Vastu Shastra guidelines which can encourage unhappiness or bad vibes to enter your house easily. Vastu principles should be taken into the consideration, while you construct or remodel your house or living area. Happy Homes is your one stop guide to get all relevant information regarding Vastu tips and guidelines to build a house that will bring in happiness, success and peace of mind.

Our Vastu experts will guide you on Vastu tips for every corner of the home like size and direction of entrance door of the house, Vastu tips for bedroom location and furniture placement, living room Vastu tips, placement of cooking range, location of sink and other accessories in kitchen, Vastu guidelines for study or childrens Room, puja room direction, tips for treasury & strong Room, Vastu tips for small apartment & flats, house construction and for every corner of the house from where the negative energies can enter in your home.

Check how the relocation of furniture and little changes in the direction of your door and windows according to Vastu guidelines can bring positive changes in your life. The website offers complete information on Vastu Shastra so go ahead and use these guidelines to bring happiness and blessing of positive energies for yourself and all the family members.

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Vastu guidelines for Main Entrance Door

Main Entrance Doors and Windows are the first point of your home so it needs a great attention to be designed as per Vaastu Shastra. Here we are with some Vastu guidelines that one should always consider before designing and placing the Main entrance doors and windows.

Vastu tips for bathroom and toilet

Looking for Vastu tips on attached bathroom and toilet? Here we are with some essential Vastu Shastra remedies for them which can help to keep the health difficulties away and also help you to get a clean and well organized bathroom and toilet.

Vastu guidelines for Basement

Looking for Vastu recommendation for constructing Basement? Read on to know about how and where one should have basement under their home and some Vastu guidelines for the design of Basements.

Vastu guidelines for bedroom

Facing non ending problems in your life and cannot sleep soundly in-spite of every facility in your bedroom than it might be possible that your bedroom is placed in the wrong direction or you are sleeping in an unsuspicious side. In this article on Vastu tips for Master Bedroom to find the solution of your problems, just follow these tips and see remarkable changes in your life.

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