How to buy best sofa?

How to know that the sofa that you are planning to buy is of best quality at a reasonable price. Here are some points that are to be noted before buying a sofa. It is one of the dream that the sofa that is being bought to your home makes you feel proud and satisfied that you bought the best sofa ever.

Check the quality

The first and foremost thought that comes into a customer mind is whether the sofa is worth of buying it for such a huge price. This question stays as long as a person has a good knowledge of judging the quality of a sofa. Some points that decides the quality of sofa are its heavy weight and the way the sofa is constructed. Frames of the sofa is very strong and it should be free from knots. Inferior construction can be judged when you touch the back of the sofa which is built strong and does not create a feel of getting hollow in it. Legs of the sofa must be attached with the frame of the sofa that protects legs break from the frame of the sofa. The quality of foam should be very high quality which can be seen when a person sits on it. It automatically comes to normal shape as soon as person gets up.

Judge the Price

Price or budget is the next aspect. Before deciding your budget think yourself that this should be there in your home for more than three years. The budget is extended so as the life span of sofa. Low quality sofas are available in cheaper price and you have to spend more on repairs. Think wise before you pay for it. The price of sofas ranges from 10k to 10 lakh or more. Fix the budget, where you get branded sofa with greater life time. The style, quality, frame, fabric, material, foam, and cost all these things decides the price of the sofa. It is your luck to find out the best quality sofa at unbelievable prices during offers and sale events. Sometimes branded companies provide these offers. Be aware even though it has been given at offers to protect yourself from scams.

What is the purpose

Every home needs a sofa but all the sofas are used for variety of purpose that includes main purpose of seating arrangements. The purpose of sofa decides the type of fabric. For example, in offices leather sofas are used, clothe sofas are used in middle class homes, unique materials are used in some houses to suit the surroundings. There are different types of leather that shows the uniqueness of its quality in spite of very hard use. Some types of leather shows its own dullness at very short time. If the usage is not regular, medium quality sofas are good. For day to day activities like relaxing, watching tv, chatting etc, best quality leather added with other benefits are chosen to extend the life of a couch. Usage also includes the group of persons who uses it. Children and teen needs comfort with firm foam. Heavy weight, older adults and tall persons need deep seats and low height legs for easy getting up.

Choose the perfect shape and size

Comfort is determined by the shape and size of a sofa. A perfect shape and suitable size that fits in the room should be planned by your family members. Because wrong purchase leads to many chaos. Take your own time to plan well and get many ideas from many resources to get the best sofa. Fluffy pillows and firm cushions gives more comfort. Most preferable shapes are round arm and lower arm rest sofas are more comfortable. The excellent shapes of sofas provides more relaxation. To be on safer side, choose the shape of sofa which in traditional style. This remains always trendy and traditional too for a very long years. The size of the room determines the size of the sofa. For a larger room, sectional sofa is the best choice. For a small room, chesterfield is a good choice. The sofa size and the size of the room are equally proportional and sofa size must provide the required space to walk. Choose the right size that adds more elegance to a room.

Know the type of fill

Before you know the fabric, ask the type of fill that is filled inside the sofa. Every type of unique filling provide less level to high level comfort. The most expensive and most comfortable cushion type is down cushions. Even though it is expensive, the duration time for this down cushion is very long time. Down cushions are under the upholstery fabric or it is combines with pads made out of Dacron polyester. It is also known as blendown pads that are covered in high density foam. As the quality is high that maintenance will be high. Extra care should be taken to get long life. Springs are attached inside these pads and wrapped in foam to make the sofa more soft and feather touch feel. With the help of powerful support and soft surface outside, the sofa cushion maintain its shape for a long period of time.

  • Density of the cushion decides the quality of cushion. If the density is high then that much the cushion will be soft. Usually, high density polyurethane is used for medium quality sofa. The cheapest quality foams does not stay long. Better, buy the quality foam to avoid replacement. The top layer of the foam is covered with cotton to feel soft and firm. The budget and your choice of sofa only has the power to stay for long time. If you go for cheaper quality sofas then it wont lasts longer and repairs are required more often.

  • Look for right fabric and frame

    There are many different type of fabric available in the market. It is buyers choice to choose the right fabric for the room. Large amount of space can body filled with leather sofas for a luxurious look. Medium and small size rooms need small size leather sofas or depending upon the decoration, either cloth or silk sofas are good. Now, leather sofas are in demand and likewise, there are many colors, designs, textures and patterns are available to suit the interior decoration of the room. Silk sofas are preferred in rooms that are not used frequently. Micro fibers are tough and maintains good look after heavy usage. Ask the seller that this fabric is of good quality and stain proof. If it is not stain proof then the stain marks look hard on the surface of the sofa.

  • Frame of the sofa should be strong enough to extend the life of sofa more than ten years. Most preferred frame is the wooden frame especially made in timber. The weight of the frame tells the quality of the frame. The heavy weight sofas gives more life than light weight sofas. The strong frame increases the weight of the sofa. The pillar of support is frame. If the frame quality is not good then sofa will be crashed so soon. The metal sofas are built is cheaper rates that longs for short time. The worst quality wood frames are made up of green wood and knotted wood that causes cracks on the frame. The construction of frame should also be given equal importance for a strong built sofa.

  • Conclusion

    Just keep all the above points in your mind before buying the sofa. This not a small amount of money that is going to be spent for a short period of time. The sofa shows the status, taste and comfort of a person. Taking more time and deciding the best sofa is the wise idea instead of getting a sofa just to sit and worry. Choose the best sofa and enjoy the long lasting comfort for you and your family.

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    Guest Author: zeba khan16 Aug 2014

    I think buying any product of long use is the greatest task before us and we are just made fool by the sellers in the market. My advise is to not to go for purchase where in heavy discounts are offered for this sofa. In fact there are very good hand made sofas being sold on the road side by the best designs. Never under estimate these sofas for the quality. They are on par with the quality we get at the shops. More over these road side sofas are heavily bargain-able and surely we can clinch a better deal of our choice. So think twice before buying sofas at the shop.

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