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As the saying goes, “A House is Built of Walls and Beams. A Home is Built of Love and Dreams”. This is the funda of The Happy Homes, where we strive hard to bring your dreams into reality to bring your world close together with our interior designing and decorating ideas, so that you can spend your time with your loved ones in a comfort and luxury environment, without really burning your wallet on endless expenditures. Going to purchase a new home or want to renovate the old one or do you want to give your room a fantastic makeover? Our designing experts are here to help you out to find the best way to accentuate the beauty of your home interiors with home decorating tips, which helps you to carry out the whole process on your own, so that you can avoid incurring heavy expenses by seeking professionals for your interior designing. If you are looking for the latest trends in interior designing, then you are on the right page. Here you will find a number of articles on latest interior decoraton ideas, romantic bedroom ideas, how to decorate your kids room, how to create a stunning kitchen interiors and lot more. We also provide you with relaxing bath designing ideas, office interior designing ideas, how to decorate your living room, you can get all in one place at The Happy Homes. And the list does not end here. If you have a creative streak in you, you can become an interior designing expert and explore our articles on career in interiors to get more information. Also here you can get vaastu shastra tips and ideas for your home and office with the help our of our vaastu shastra experts, and get abundant joy filled in your life with our feng shui tips and information. In short, is your one stop solution, where you will not find any shortage for home decor ideas and we are sure you will name us when asked for largest collection of interior designing and decorating ideas.

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Furniture arrangement ideas for large living room

Looking for Furniture arrangement ideas in large living room? Here we are with some unique ideas which help you to arrange your living room furniture in useful manner to get perfect utilisation of the available space in the room.

Vastu tips for children study room

Looking for Vastu guidelines to design children study room? Here we are with some handy tips that help you in designing the study room according to Vastu recommendations which contribute to your child's mental as well as physical development.

How to Brighten Up Your Rooms with Wall Friendly Stickers

Looking for some very unique and inexpensive wall decor ideas? Wall Friendly Decals/Stickers are the best way to do that. Here we are with some Wall Friendly Decals/Stickers ideas which you can use to decorate the walls of an office, a home, a restaurant or any place where you want to enjoy the feeling of good art work.

Pergolas design ideas, styles

Pergolas are the beautiful structures that can add a lot of beauty to your outdoor spaces when created tactfully. So if you want to add some extra space and beauty in your outdoor space to enjoy even when the weather is not very appealing then here we are with some interesting Pergolas designs which you can adopt to make your space more useful and beautiful.

Modular kitchen designers in India

Looking for modular kitchen designers in your state? Here we are with some well known modular kitchen designers in India with their contact details to whom you can contact to get your dream kitchen.

Platform bed style and designs for bedroom

Platform beds are very popular nowadays as they give a neat and clean look to your bedroom and can be accommodate in any size bedroom. Read on to know about platform bed styles and designs available in the market and get one for your bedroom.

Feng Shui bedroom decorating tips

Looking for Feng Shui bedroom decorating ideas? Here we are with some tips which help you to create a bedroom which helps to maintain balance in the space and creating peaceful and exciting ambiance around the place.

Modular kitchen designs for small kitchens

Going to design your new kitchen or renovate the old one then you must try the concept of modular kitchen because modular kitchen not add only beauty to your home decor but it also increase the functionality of kitchen and doubles the pleasure of cooking.

Kids room Study table designs

Looking for Study table designs for kids room? Here we are with some useful and kids friendly study table designs which can be placed in kids study room to make their study time more comfortable and pleasurable.

How to select Furniture pieces for small dining space

Looking for Seating and dining solutions for small spaces? Here we are with some innovative furniture and space solutions ideas which help you to get plenty of space to sit and have your dinner without having any space problem.

Living room Sectional Sofas designs, styles

Looking for living room sectional sofas designs? Read on to know all about Sectional Sofas designs, Shapes, Styles and Colors with pictures which help you to get right sectional sofa for your living room to enhance its decoration and utility.

Closet design ideas for home

Closet has become an essential part of every home, for general storage or hanging clothes, here are certain closet design ideas which help you to get suitable closet that maximize your space and create a closet that helps organize not only your clothes, but your life as well.

Leather Sofas designs for living room

Leather sofas are always in and suitable for all decorating styles. Here we are with some beautiful leather sofa designs for your living room which look beautiful and very comfortable also.

Home Protection Tips For Monsoon

Looking for How to take care of Home interior, exterior and surroundings during monsoon? Here we are with some tips and solutions which help to enjoy this monsoon without the worries of your home. You can read about the solutions for roof leakage problems, tips to protect wooden flooring from moisture, Monsoon safety measures for the exterior of your house and lots more.

Home decor tips for monsoon

Looking for Home decor tips for the monsoon? Here we are with some easy and useful tips for every your home to welcome the monsoon with style.

How to plan kids friendly bathroom

Going to plan kid's friendly bathroom? Here we are with some suggestion and guidelines which should be consider in designing kids bathroom. Read on How to plan kid's friendly bathroom to know all what you need to design a perfect bathroom for your little ones.

How to create ventilation in internal bathrooms

To create ventilation without a window in any room is difficult especially when it comes to bathroom as it is the busiest place of the home and remains wet most of the times so proper ventilation is must for a bathroom. Read on to know about How to create ventilation without a window in bathroom to get clean and hygienic bathroom anytime.

Double bed styles for bedroom

Beds are the most important furniture piece of any bedroom. Beds comes in many styles and designs here we learn about the most used and prevailing bed styles which you can choose according to your room size and decorating style.

Living Room Round Coffee Table design

Looking for some really cool Round Coffee Table design for living room decor? Here we are with some Living Room Round Coffee Table design which you can add in your living room decor to add comfort and increase the utility of the space.

How to choose your floor: Reviewing pros and cons of home flooring options

Are you looking for a flooring guide to help you with choosing the best type of floor from the available flooring options for your home? Get in here to know what to consider when choosing flooring and floor coverings, flooring tips and latest floor fashion trends and read the review about pros and cons of flooring materials.

Bathroom planning and remodeling guidelines

Today's bathrooms are become one of the important space of any house so when planning a new bathroom or remodeling an existing one, it is wise to sit and plan well to get suitable bathroom which can fulfill the requirements of everyone in the home and more user friendly as it should be.

How to grow your own kitchen garden

Kitchen garden is the best thing which you can have to cut your kitchen expanses. So if you are planning to have kitchen garden and confused how to grow your own kitchen garden, here we are with some guidelines and suggestion which help you to get a wonderful and easy growing kitchen garden.

Vastu guidelines for Main Entrance Door

Main Entrance Doors and Windows are the first point of your home so it needs a great attention to be designed as per Vaastu Shastra. Here we are with some Vastu guidelines that one should always consider before designing and placing the Main entrance doors and windows.

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