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As the saying goes, “A House is Built of Walls and Beams. A Home is Built of Love and Dreams”. This is the funda of The Happy Homes, where we strive hard to bring your dreams into reality to bring your world close together with our interior designing and decorating ideas, so that you can spend your time with your loved ones in a comfort and luxury environment, without really burning your wallet on endless expenditures. Going to purchase a new home or want to renovate the old one or do you want to give your room a fantastic makeover? Our designing experts are here to help you out to find the best way to accentuate the beauty of your home interiors with home decorating tips, which helps you to carry out the whole process on your own, so that you can avoid incurring heavy expenses by seeking professionals for your interior designing. If you are looking for the latest trends in interior designing, then you are on the right page. Here you will find a number of articles on latest interior decoraton ideas, romantic bedroom ideas, how to decorate your kids room, how to create a stunning kitchen interiors and lot more. We also provide you with relaxing bath designing ideas, office interior designing ideas, how to decorate your living room, you can get all in one place at The Happy Homes. And the list does not end here. If you have a creative streak in you, you can become an interior designing expert and explore our articles on career in interiors to get more information. Also here you can get vaastu shastra tips and ideas for your home and office with the help our of our vaastu shastra experts, and get abundant joy filled in your life with our feng shui tips and information. In short, is your one stop solution, where you will not find any shortage for home decor ideas and we are sure you will name us when asked for largest collection of interior designing and decorating ideas.

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How to grow your own kitchen garden

Kitchen garden is the best thing which you can have to cut your kitchen expanses. So if you are planning to have kitchen garden and confused how to grow your own kitchen garden, here we are with some guidelines and suggestion which help you to get a wonderful and easy growing kitchen garden.

Vastu guidelines for Main Entrance Door

Main Entrance Doors and Windows are the first point of your home so it needs a great attention to be designed as per Vaastu Shastra. Here we are with some Vastu guidelines that one should always consider before designing and placing the Main entrance doors and windows.

Vastu tips for bathroom and toilet

Looking for Vastu tips on attached bathroom and toilet? Here we are with some essential Vastu Shastra remedies for them which can help to keep the health difficulties away and also help you to get a clean and well organized bathroom and toilet.

Curtain Ideas for Living Rooms

Looking for Living room curtain designs and ideas? Read on to know the latest Living room curtain designs which can add a style statement as well as add texture and color to the room.

Wooden Flooring- Types of wood floors

Looking for types of wooden flooring? Here we will share the many types, sizes, colors, application methods, and the variety of wood floors available in the market now days along with the much other important information on wooden floors and their types.

False Ceiling designs for office

Looking for some beautiful and functional Ceiling designs for office? Read on about false ceiling, POP ceiling, and Wooden Ceiling design for office decoration.

Office Reception Design & decorating Ideas

Looking for Office reception design ideas? Read on to know about Office Reception Design and decorating Ideas to get the right look which can leave a long lasting impression on your visitors as they enter in your office.

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Looking for Wreaths to complete your Christmas decorations? Here we are with some beautiful wreath designs and Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas which you can make to bring a new life in your decorations.

How to organize a New Year party at home

Looking for tips to organize New Year's Eve Party at home? Read on to get some interesting ideas on how to arrange a New Year party at home along with the suggestions on New Year party menu, Ideas for New Years Eve Party Favors, cleaning up after a New Years Eve Party and so on.

Vastu guidelines for Basement

Looking for Vastu recommendation for constructing Basement? Read on to know about how and where one should have basement under their home and some Vastu guidelines for the design of Basements.

Decorating and Designing Your House in the Best Manner

Home..Sweet Home. The place where we live our life. So its our duty to keep in clean and look beautiful. The most of our life span is spent in our home. So we should build our house in most Decorative way. So read this article to know on how to design and decorate your house in best manner.

How to pick perfect Christmas tree for Christmas home décor

Want to select the perfect Christmas tree for Christmas home décor this year, here you can learn how to choose the best Christmas tree, how to put it up and keep it fresh and fragrant for long. You can also learn about the tips to Store Christmas Decorations and how to take care of your Christmas tree.

New Year decoration ideas for offices

Want to decorate your office or cubicle this New Year in a unique way. Read on to know some interesting New Year themes and ideas to decorate your office and be ready to have lots of fun in a wonderful atmosphere with your colleagues and friends.

How to Make Gel Candles at home

Looking for methods to make gel candles at home for your Diwali decoration? You can make colorful gel candles at home very easily. Read the below mentioned articles to know about the easy steps to make gel candles at home.

How to make Rangoli colors at home

Want to make Rangoli colors at home; here we are with some tips and ideas to make Rangoli colors at home which are very easy and free from chemicals so that kids at home can also make Rangoli by using these homemade Rangoli colors without any skin related problems.

Best Bonsai trees for beginners

Looking for suitable plants to make Bonsai? Here is the list of some common plants that make good bonsais and easy to maintain also. Select any of the below mentioned plants and have a great bonsai for your indoor garden.

Home remedies to get rid of Bed Bugs naturally

Looking for home remedies to get rid of bed bugs? Here we are with some Home remedies to get rid of Bed Bugs naturally and How to Kill Bed Bugs with Stuff at Home. We are sure that the below mentioned natural remedies to get rid of Bed Bugs will help you if you apply them wisely and at regular intervals of time.

List of dangerous food items for dogs

Looking for information on Harmful food items for pet dogs? Here we are with the list of some food items which are not good for the health of your pet dogs. It is good to keep away your pet dogs from the Harmful food items mentioned in the article to keep them healthy and strong.

Homemade decorations for Diwali

Looking for some homemade decorations for Diwali? Here we are with some easy ideas to make homemade decorations for Diwali like How to make Bandhanwar, floating Rangoli, candles, earthen lamps and other festive decorations to complete your Diwali decorations.

Tips to get rid from cockroaches in kitchen

Looking for some homemade solution to get rid from cockroaches in kitchen especially from your kitchen cabinets? Here we are with some tips and natural remedies to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets with the help of some easily available natural ingredient.

Diwali home decoration tips and ideas to give your home a festival look

Looking for home decoration ideas for Diwali? Read the article below on Diwali decoration ideas to give your home a festive look. You can read about Home decoration ideas for Diwali, homemade craft for Diwali decoration, and homemade sweets for Diwali that would help you in your Diwali decorations and welcome your guests.

How to make potpourri and air fresheners at home

Looking for homemade potpourri and air fresheners? Why not made one for yourself and to gift your loved one? Get in here to get complete information on How to make potpourri and air fresheners at home, natural ingredients to make potpourri at home, method to make potpourri at home and lots more.

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